Affordable Aerial Photography Copyright Infringement Defense

No one likes to receive a letter from a lawyer, especially one claiming that you’ve done something wrong, like infringing someone’s copyright. That’s exactly what Affordable Aerial Photography, Inc., and its proprietor, Robert Stevens are doing: employing law firms to send demand letters to people who might have a photograph

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How to Copy-and-Paste Text from a PDF to Word in Seconds and Make It Pretty

Now that the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure require parties to prepare their responses to written discovery (interrogatories, requests for production, and requests for admissions), lawyers and support staff need to become efficient with creating their response documents based on a PDF-version that was served. Sometimes it can be difficult

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Microsoft overlords screw users again, and how to say “piss off” with a registry change

Monopoly guy graffiti

My ire with technology companies is well-known to my wife, who hears me scream expletives whenever I encounter inane, self-serving crap peddled (forced) on paying software customers. It’s abhorrent. Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, all of them. They all do it because it’s part of the software development culture now. It wasn’t

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